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Here you can read the history of our buyers about

how Nicoflex helped them to overcome the disease, in sport and active recreation.


Alexander Vasilyuk

Hiker, manager, 27 years

Do you have something without you can’t imagine your life? Space. Freedom. The feeling of unity with the world. All this gives me the mountain. There, on top, horizon is unspeakably wider than usual. A great way to rest your eyes and soul after working in the office.


I feel like I am not just in any particular place, I am on the planet. Though the world is huge and the individual on it’s background is small, among mountain ranges, I did not feel small because I realize that I am a part of this greatness.

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Stefaniuk Elena

Ballet dancer, 19 years

"It required a moment to wonder, but to create a wonderful thing, it takes years of patience and hard work." So said French philosopher Helvetius as a ballet dancer I completely agree with him.


All see the finished result. Poetry of dance. But no one sees how much effort, work, and, what I could hide, the pain lurking behind the scenes.

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Vadim Goryansky

Masseur, 34

Did you know that is not enough be a professional to success? For a long time I thought, that to become a successful massage therapist you just need to thoroughly study the necessary techniques and customers will run to me. But, dammit, this is not enough!


Sometimes after another downtime I just asked myself: "Dude, what are you doing wrong? What is your puncture?". A puncture that I as a beginner concentrated too much attention to myself rather than to focus on the client. I love my profession and I love to help people, but I did not give them understanding of it!

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Alexander Bidenko

Ski instructor, 26 years

No pain, no gain. This is my motto and my students know it. Professional skiing has little in common with smooth resort slopes. This is extreme, and extreme associated with risk.


When you run at high speed you should make the right instant decisions. Because you can’t lose control of the situation for a second. Therefore, students receive from me solidly daily drill. All skills must be brought to automaticity, because it affects their lives.

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Jeanne Vintonyak

Gardener, entrepreneur, 31

Psychologists have found that working in the garden perfectly helps to relieve stress. Such read my husband. And relying on this fact, he bought a few plants with an offer to turn back patio in the garden. At first I did not take the idea, but as it turned out, he was right.


My main activity - is a small business with the sales. And the daily work with new buyers sometimes very exhausting. Therefore, the idea of extra work as a break from work, at first I didn’t take it. But not to offend my love, I laid siege presented plants.

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