Nicoflex medi forte sport cream - №1 for sport and leisure!

Analgesic cream for bruises and sprains. It promotes tissue repair, fights inflammation; warming effect helps to prepare muscles and joints for loading.

Sport, go hiking, dance or work in the garden?
Take Nicoflex medi forte sport cream with you!

Six main features


Quickly relieves pain and gives relief


50 g of cream lasts for 1,5-2 months of intensive usage

Convenient to use

2 times a day, does not need wrapping


Warms up to 4 hours


Does not stain clothes, easy to wash off


It is easy to place it in a purse or a backpack

Three effects in one

Anti-inflammatory effect

Hydroxyethyl salicylate penetrates deep into tissue and fights inflammation

Analgesic effect

capsaicin quickly relieves pain and gives a sense of relief

Warming effect

ethyl nicotinate dilates blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow, and a pleasant warmth is felt

Reliable and time-proved

Nicoflex has confidently established its position on the market for 40 years.

Nicoflex is unique

There are not any other creams whose operation is based on same three components.

We collaborate with doctors

The specialists are highly knowledgeable about the product. Nicoflex is advised by therapists and traumatologists worldwide.

The product is well distributed

Nicoflex is available all around Ukraine. 100% presence in all the pharmacies, where our representatives work.

Where buy Nicoflex

One story of our client

Alexander Vasilyuk

Hiker, manager, 27 years

Do you have something without you can’t imagine your life? Space. Freedom. The feeling of unity with the world. All this gives me the mountain. There, on top, horizon is unspeakably wider than usual. A great way to rest your eyes and soul after working in the office.   I feel like I am not just in any particular place, I am on the planet. Though the world is huge and the individual on it’s background is small, among mountain ranges, I did not feel small because I realize that I am a part of this greatness.
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